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Party Smart and Think Before You Drink!

By the way, we are NOT telling you to drink; we're just informing you of special events and discounts in your town. If you DO visit any of the establishments listed within this web site and you DO decide to drink, remember:

  • Do not drive
  • Do not forget to pay your tab or to tip your bartender or server
  • Do not climb things that aren't meant to be climbed
  • Do...Not...Drive
  • Do not talk about religion or politics
  • Do not fight (to include punching inanimate objects)
  • Do Not Drive
  • Do not sing loudly in public
  • Do not get naked in public
  • Do not have unprotected sex with someone you don't know (and possibly someone that you do)
  • Do not have any kind of sex with an inanimate object or non-human ("Baaaah" means "No")
  • DO NOT DRIVE! Listen, a cab ride home does not run more than $20 and if it does, stay with a friend or get a hotel room nearby. Anything is better than losing a few grand in legal fees, your license, your car and possibly your life or, even worse, someone else's!

And this list is not all-inclusive. Bottom line, if you DO do something stupid, YOU did something stupid. Now, go have fun, be responsible, and come home safely!

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